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University of California San Diego Academic Court - San Diego, California

One of almost a dozen projects that Sweeney & Associates, Inc. has worked on at the University of California San Diego campus, Academic Court is the main open space for the Irwin and Joan Jacobs School of Engineering in the heart of the Warren College Neighborhood. The design establishes an outdoor court as the hub of pedestrian circulation for the surrounding Bioengineering, Computer Science, and Cal IT² (California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology) buildings, while also creating small, medium and large-scale gathering spaces for student and faculty interaction.

The irrigation design for this project features subsurface drip tubing systems in the shrub and ground cover areas, high efficiency rotors for the turf areas, the use of recycled water, and the integration with the campus wide Rain Bird Maxicom central control system.
Sweeney & Associates, Inc. has worked with the UCSD landscape maintenance staff for over twenty years and understands and supports their efforts to ensure that the irrigation systems used on the campus are the most efficient possible while delivering long term valve. The firm has successfully explored alternate water sources for irrigation on the campus including collected rain water, air conditioner condensate water, and site treated grey water.