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Promenade Mall - Temecula, California

Situated on 78 acres in Temecula, California, The Promenade Mall was opened as an indoor shopping center in 1999. Sweeney & Associates, Inc. worked with MESA Design Group on the irrigation design for the original development. The irrigation system featured overhead spray systems, master control valves, flow sensors and commercial stand alone controllers. When Forest City, the owner of the mall, decided to take advantage of the region's beautiful weather and add an outdoor component to the center, they chose SWA Group - Laguna Beach as the project landscape architect. Having a long standing relationship with SWA Group, Sweeney & Associates, Inc. was hired to update the irrigation for the project as well.

All new landscaped areas on the mall received subsurface drip irrigation in keeping with the low water use plantings in the landscape palette. Areas requiring overhead spray were designed with the latest, high efficiency heads available. All trees on the project received supplemental irrigation through a bubbler system. Drip irrigation in the retail environment not only saves water, but by eliminating spray systems, and the overspray that seems to be ever present, asphalt parking lots last longer and there is never a complaint about water spotting of parked cars.

Sweeney & Associates, Inc. has designed the irrigation systems for literally dozens of mall projects across the United States and in countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.