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The Capital Group Campus - Irvine, California

The goal of the Capital Group Orange County Campus development was to establish a built environment fostering a unique sense of community for up to 3,300 Capital Group associates while at the same time abiding by the strict guidelines of the existing Spectrum 7 development. The landscape was designed to encourage movement between buildings and create opportunities for informal meetings and events. Sweeney & Associates, Inc. worked with long time client LPA, Inc. on the design of an irrigation system that stayed true to the architectural precision of the project. The irrigation equipment was specifically located in areas where they would not interfere with the aesthetics of the project. Where visible, each valve box was specifically aligned with score lines in paving and set parallel to and equidistant from paving edges. It was very important to the client that if the irrigation system could not be invisible, it would look completely integrated into the design.

The irrigation system also needed to be efficient. The system uses recycled water as supplied by the Irvine Ranch Water District. The overhead spray systems used the latest high efficiency heads available. The control system is a weather based unit that controlled the programming of the irrigation based on daily evapotranspiration data provided by the control system manufacturer. The control system also included master valves and flow sensors to monitor water flow and shut off systems should any breaks or leaks be detected.