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Woodall Rodgers Park - Dallas, Texas

The Woodall Rodgers Park project in Dallas will soon bridge the gap between Uptown and the Arts District created by the Woodall Rodgers Freeway. This 5.2 acre park will be built over the existing freeway, supported by 316 concrete beams. The park will create a beautiful green space in the center of the city. The park includes a dog park, walking paths, a restaurant, a performance pavilion and a children's playground. Working with the Office of James Burnett, Sweeney & Associates, Inc. designed an irrigation system that will allow the park to be used without anyone ever knowing irrigation was taking place. The use of a state-of-the-art subsurface water retention mat product provides the turf roots direct access to moisture. The system does not depend on lateral movement of water through the soil, which is critical considering the well drained engineered soils on the project.

The shrub and ground cover beds are also irrigated with a subsurface tubing product to provide high efficiency application of irrigation water. All trees on the project are irrigated with supplemental bubbler systems to allow for deep root irrigation of the trees without excessive irrigation to the ground plane plantings. Where overhead application was necessary, the system utilizes high efficiency MP Rotator heads. Controllers connected to an evapotranspiration sensor / weather station are used to provide the irrigation programming control. Flow sensors are used on each water meter to quickly identify leaks in the system so that repairs can be made before they cause any damage. Outlying freeway ramp systems use solar powered controllers to eliminate the need for additional electrical meters.