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Myriad Gardens - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Located in the center of downtown Oklahoma City, this 17 acre botanical garden has become the green gem of the revitalized downtown experience. Originally built in 1988, the garden underwent a $10.5 million renovation last year. Working with the Office of James Burnett, Sweeney & Associates, Inc. designed a completely new irrigation system for the project. The focus of the new irrigation system is on the efficient use of water through subsurface drip irrigation for turf, shrub and ground cover areas, and trees. The subsurface irrigation applies water below the soil surface to eliminate the waste of water through windblown spray, evaporation and spray inefficiencies. Where overhead application of water is necessary, overhead spray systems of the highest possible efficiency have been used.

The irrigation system also features a central control system using decoder style (two-wire) field wiring, flow sensors, master valves and an onsite evapotranspiration sensor. As winter temperatures are often below freezing, the system has been designed with winterization features to allow the water to be removed from the lines to prevent freeze damage to pipes and equipment.